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Title: The new owner of a 360 Bought from a fellow member
Post by: HARRISON84 on June 27, 2018, 04:27:04 PM
Hi guys sorry its taken a while to get some pics up,  I' ve had the car for 4 weeks now. i do have plans to do the interior I Have already put some plasma dials in and a new replica wheel.  Bought a OEM Centre console to go in with new red carpet and plan to fit some cream leather OEM seats when i have saved for them.  its drove great for 4 weeks around 60-80 miles,   yesterday was a big day for the car and a friend whom i promised him he could take his daughter to her school prom in her,  she drove 15 miles to collect her fine,  did all the pics etc he then sets off with daughter and 50 yards later the clutch pedal drops to the floor and refuses to come back up!  :(    wheel that was the end of that.... arrival to prom was in a standard car not what she was expecting,   anyhow a 3:20 minute wait for the RAC To come and the chap found that the master cylinder had come away from the  firewall!  god know how thats happened,  after 2 hours laying over the engine and some how getting his arms down the back of the engine which as you know is a bloody nightmare he somehow managed to twist it back into the firewall housing, the car got home but will need to go in a garage for further inspection, and re bleed the system.   off all nights for this to happen! i am so gutted for the poor girl she's been looking forward to arriving in style for weeks :( .   anyhow here is a few pics of the car as she stands now,  please ignore the tow eye it was in thinking it may have to be towed last night,   

Title: Re: The new owner of a 360 Bought from a fellow member
Post by: Mickey_London on June 27, 2018, 07:57:37 PM
The paint job looks spotless. That shine is jaw dropping  :P
Shame about the Prom for the girl but I'm sure there will be plenty of other times
Keep the updates coming