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Title: zxrjohn14 360 build
Post by: zxrjohn14 on July 11, 2018, 05:15:39 PM
Firstly let me start by saying a massive thank you to Micky London for the build DVD and advice. Also his cracking build diary....mine will not be as good as his.

I purchased the car for 1000 of the queens finest pounds from someone who had left it to rot under a tree.

i started by cleaning it out and seeing what i have and haven't got.
there are a few bits missing:
Boot lid perspex
Passenger side fibreglass A pillar bit
Fibreglass bit to cover the boot latch/box section

The story behind it is the guy i got it from purchased the body kit in 2009 and stored it....badly by the shape of some of the panels.
He got a 406 in 2013 and got Extreme themselves to do the cutting and most of the welding. the car then was stored in a garage til 2016 and then parked under a tree until 3 weeks ago when i purchased it. No work was ever done to the car  :o :o

The interior of the car is beyond saving and it has has the 2.0 petrol engine fitted, so I've purchased a mint 406 with a low milage 3.0 engine to use as a donor, I need a windscreen and trims too so it made sense to get the donor

I've purchased a set of 19" wheels and an original Ferrari 360 exhaust to sling on it.

most of the welding and bashing that needed doing has been done by me and I've dry fitted all of the panels now

If anyone has any parts that they want to sell please let me know, especially if it's lights!

i'll try and take photo's and updatye now and again
 :) :)

Title: Re: zxrjohn14 360 build
Post by: Mickey_London on July 11, 2018, 10:54:58 PM
Looking forward to the updates  ;)