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1  Extreme Deals / Buy and Sell Forum / Lamborghini murcielago engine cover on: November 09, 2019, 11:39:49 PM
Hi guys.
I’ve decided to sell on my replica Murcielago engine cover.
It’s brand new and has never been fitted.
Looking for £249 for it as it cost me a lot more when I brought it.
It’s here in ebay.

2  Extreme Kits / Extreme Murcie / Re: Cerberus here we go. on: October 15, 2019, 07:33:51 PM
Time for a update.

Today was a fun day as todays task was to drive me lambo up to Rogue Motorsport in Rugby to get all the small mechanical jobs done that have accumulated over the summer.
It’s been booked in for a few weeks but as the weathers been so shit and my lambo never gets wet I’ve had to wait for a dry day to take her up.
As these are the chaps that shoehorned in the 3.5 litre V6 into it there the best people to check it over.
Most are silly little jobs like. A small coolant leak. A small fuel leak when you fill up the car with petrol.
A couple of bigger more serious jobs need to be rectified as well as its been having clutch trouble when the engine gets really hot on a summer day.
This journey was the first time that I’ve had to actually drive the car on a long motorway since the new engine.
So I took every opportunity to open her up and stretch her legs.
Coming across a new Aston Martin DB7 on the trip was a lot of fun. He was eager to play and the pair of us ended up having a proper burn up.
By god that Aston Martin was fast. But guess what so was I.
Sort of shit myself as we both ended up breaking the sound barrier.
Ended up as a top gun style dog fight. lol. Shame he didn’t know that mine is a kit car and not a real v12.
As mine is so exact you can’t tell the difference outside.
Rogue have given me a very rare opportunity as they have got a supercharger on another car that there customer dosent want anymore. So it’s up for grabs.
Its the big red thingy in the last photo.
Apparently according to Rogue it will easily bolt onto my engine and after a few other mods and electronic wizardry it’s good to go.
With this blower it will put my power up around to the 500 bhp mark with a tremendous amount of torque to go with it.
As if the car isn’t fast enough already.
This sort of power figure Is now up with a real Lamborghini Murcielago V12.
Looks like a opportunity not to be missed so there going to work me out some sort of deal.
So watch this space on what happens.
3  Extreme Kits / Extreme Murcie / Re: Elon musk replica Lambo on: October 15, 2019, 07:32:33 PM
To be totally honest No and nobody ever will. 
A Italian supercar is designed to make a hell of a noise. Kit car or otherwise.
Remove this noise and what are you left with.
It will have no soul.
Yes Tesla’s are fast but they don’t have any soul.
I’ve driven many.
It’s not a living breathing machine.
4  Extreme Kits / Extreme Murcie / There’s a replica engine on ebay on: September 18, 2019, 09:47:02 AM
Hi Guys.
There’s a replica Murcielago engine on eBay at the moment.
This is rocking horse sh** for those who want one.
It’s up for £350 plus postage.
Link below.


5  Extreme Kits / Extreme Murcie / Re: Cerberus here we go. on: September 12, 2019, 07:50:01 PM
Time for a update.

Last night was the Royal County Car Clubs evening meet at the Shire horse pub in Maidenhead.
As it was a sunny evening I had to take the lambo along.
It was nice to see everybody there again.
This summer hasn’t been brilliant for these monthly meets this year. Every one it has rained and rained so it’s been a no show for me.
The lambos looking good as always. Sorry for the poor photos. iPhones don’t work well when it’s getting dark.
6  Extreme Kits / Extreme Murcie / Re: Cerberus here we go. on: August 04, 2019, 08:56:51 PM
More photos
7  Extreme Kits / Extreme Murcie / Re: Cerberus here we go. on: August 04, 2019, 08:54:18 PM
Time for a update but firstly the Answer to the question.
As far as I’m aware extreme went bust years ago so no they are no longer in business.
Now that the lambo has been brought up to date with a new modern engine it’s time to bring the toys up to date as well.
Firstly the engine conversion is a complete success and has completely transferred the car from a fake Lamborghini into a almost real Lamborghini.
It sounds absolutely fantastic and by god it’s loud. If you give it a free rev it now sounds exactly like the real one. It’s actually hard to tell the difference.
It’s also pretty fast with around 300 bhp of normally aspirated grunt available.
One of the best things is that the new engine has a modern ecu with a OBD port.
This means I can fit a WiFi obd reader and have a flash car stereo which can have all the dials and gauges.
The speakers I originally fitted are JBL so there perfect for the upgrade and don’t need changing.
One thing I’m missing is a sub woofer.
Now theres not a lot of room in the cabin so space is limited.
Being a mr2 turbo floorpan there’s a small storage compartment behind the seats. I use the small compartment behind the drivers seat for a few emergency tools but I’ve never used the passenger side.
The mr2 turbo used to have a factory fitted subwoofer fitted behind the passenger seat and fits in the small storage compartment.
So this is my best option. 
Good old eBay and it’s not long before I find a sub to fit.
Because I’m no longer using the old Toyota amp it’s just the small sub box I require.
I strip the sub box and replace with a 4” jbl twin voice coil speaker. For the amp I’m using a small alpine remote sub amp.
To get the sub to fit behind the seat I have to make a few modifications to the compartment so I strip it back to the original mr2 fittings.
One I have the holes and area clear I refit the carpet and fit the subwoofer into its location.
All it requires is a small carpet cover and it’s good to go.
Why does it always take so long to fit a new car stereo?
The new head unit I have chosen is a xtrons large media screen system.
It takes a while to get everything wired up and fitted correctly.
As it turns out the size of the screen is absolutely perfect for the mr2 dash.
Now it’s all fitted and working it sounds great but I have the extra dials and gauges available.
Now lots of time to play with it.

This week it was my car clubs annual meet and cruise. We all met up at the pub and then when for a cruise around.
We had a amazing turn out with lot of hot rods, American classics and of course my Lamborghini.
We had lots of fun in the tunnels having exhaust noise battles.
The lambo definitely won the Italian supercar sound.
I have a few events to attend over the summer holidays so more then.

8  Extreme Kits / Extreme Murcie / Re: Cerberus here we go. on: July 12, 2019, 11:31:08 PM
Time for a update.
Well today has been a complete success.
Today the Lambo passed its mot with flying colours and no advisories.
I use a Ferrari specialist garage for the mot as there extremely strict and are used to expensive cars.
Looks like Rogue Motorsport have done a fantastic job with the conversion as everything is tip top.
Not to mention I have finally driven her for the first time since the conversion.
So what’s she like?
Where do I start?
So when you come to turn the key from cold.
It’s got a super car starting sound.
When you turn the key you that long whine from the starter motor before it fires up. Real lambo style.
Then it suddenly fires to life.
When starting from Cold the engine will idle at 2000 rpm until it becomes warm.
Now this part is extremely loud. It sounds like a formula 1 car. It’s a extremely loud purr. Absolutely insane.
Once the engine starts to warm up the revs slowly drop down to 900 rpm.
Whilst ticking over it’s very civilised. Just a quiet purr. So quiet you can hold a conversation at the back of the car without having to shout.
If you give it alittle rev it sounds like something very special indeed. A real supercar sound.
So what’s it like to drive?
The clutch is extremely fierce. Being brand new and a racing clutch to cope with the powerful engine. it’s difficult to get a smooth take off.
The engine is so smooth and pulls beautifully.
It revs so freely and sounds like a beautiful orchestra playing sweet melody behind you.
Then you get a chance to open her up and that orchestra turns into the sound of the devil opening up.
By god it’s loud and sounds totally mental.
What car is similar to this sound? The only way to describe the sound is YouTube a modified Nissan GTR. It’s very similar.
When your slowing down using the engine it burbles, pops and bangs away even getting the odd loud pop.
It’s absolutely fantastic.
But where it really scores is it’s free rev sound. It’s not like the fart from a 4 cylinder it’s a pure roar.
You get kids walking past shouting give it a rev mate. When you give it a rev it does not disappoint. It simply sounds insane.
To get this amazing sound rogue have surely done there homework.
It’s pretty much straight piped with no CATS but only a small 4” silencer to take the edge off. It doesn’t do much when it comes to quietening this monster.
I’m glad now that mine is a 1990 chassis because if it was a 1992 onwards it would require a naff catalyst on the exhaust.
So it it fast?
Errr yes putting it mildly.
With around 300 bhp of pure naturally aspirated grunt. It’s definitely a 0-60 car in around 5 -6 seconds.
But don’t forget that the cars very heavy. I would guess just over 1.5 tonnes with all that steel and fibreglass.
But I don’t want to rag it and drive her like a bell end. These days I tend to drive like a old fart and you will only end up getting nicked anyway.
There’s no point to prove. It now sounds like a Lamborghini and it moves like one as well.
Photos below are of the car having its mot and the amazing pipework made by rogue.
There’s lots of small jobs to do now over the summer.
Now I have a obd port I can plug a Bluetooth reader in to operate a app on the stereo screen for more gauges.
A new stereo is in order with a subwoofer.
The engine does look abit plain so maybe a new v12 engine cover is in order.
I will keep you all updated as before.

9  Extreme Kits / Extreme Murcie / There’s a Murcielago kitcar on ebay on: July 11, 2019, 06:22:53 PM
Just came across this.
I’ve seen it for sale before. Keeps appearing every year.
It’s got that Audi v8 fitted.
Don’t know if it’s a extreme.
Considering it’s got no mot and needs work he’s abit steep on the price.


10  Off Topic / General Chitchat / Shes back on: July 11, 2019, 09:03:34 AM
Hi guys.
Just thought I should tell you that I’m now re opening my post on my Lamborghini kit car.
Since last year she’s been away at Rogue Motorsport having a 3.5 V6 fitted.
She’s now back and you can read all about what’s going on back on my build page.

11  Extreme Kits / Extreme Murcie / Re: Cerberus here we go. on: July 10, 2019, 06:36:59 PM
Hi guys.
It’s been a while since my last post.
As you know my Lamborghini has been away at rogue Motorsport having a 3.5 litre V6 shoehorned into it.
They have had the car since December.
Well today has been a amazing day as I have finally brought her home.
Since today I have only seen in progress half way through so I haven’t heard or driven her.
I arrived at rogue around midday and had arranged for the car transport company to meet me there around lunchtime.
There she was sitting there in all her glory waiting for me to collect her.
It’s been so long I’ve forgotten how beautiful she is in her bright orange.
Well the engine is in there and it’s a lot more full in the back than it used to be with a lot of pipes.
When you look under the back the new exhaust system is a absolute piece of art.
You can see the amount of workman ship to get her to where she is is incredible.
The car has basically been totally rebuilt. Every pipe has been replaced. A new radiator, everything is brand new.
Of course it’s now time to actually start her up.
Ohhhhhhh! Myyyyyyyyy! Godddddddd! Putting it politely.
From the fart from the old 2 litre to the roar of a formula 1 car.
It sounds absolutely insane.
Apparently when you start from cold the engine runs at 2000 rpm till it starts to warm up.
It then slowly drops down to 900 rpm once warm.
Whilst it’s warming up it sounds possessed by something not from this earth.
Then it slows down to a more relaxed tick over.
Just Give it a rev and it’s still possessed.
It sounds like a real Lamborghini. I’m not kidding.
It’s half the engine of the v12 being a V6 but you really can’t tell. I’ve heard real murcielagos and this is pretty much spot on.
I haven’t had the pleasure of driving her yet as it came off the transporter at 4pm today.
I’ve got some work to do before I do take her for a spin.
I’ve got to fit the rear grills,  bat wings, boot lid and engine cover back and give her a really good check over.
I will post more over the weekend to report on what she’s like to drive.
12  Extreme Kits / Extreme Murcie / Re: Cerberus here we go. on: April 10, 2019, 11:49:34 PM
Hi Guys.
It’s been a while since I’ve updated so it’s about time you had a update.
Those who have been following know that late last year the lambo was taken to Rogue motorsport to have a 3.5 litre V6 conversion.
Well to cut a story short it’s still there.
Rogue have really had there work cut out shoehorning this beast of a engine into the lambo.
The car had thrown up every obstacle possible.
It has been a mammoth task getting it all to fit but we are now nearly there.
There has been so many extra parts ordered from America so delivery times have delayed completion.
This conversion has caused so many problems there is no way I could have done it myself.
Only the knowledge and skill of rogue have made this possible.
The project has also cost a lot more than I had imagined costing well over £10k. So it’s goina hurt that final bill.
But if it goes anything like a lotus evora then it’s worth every penny.
The old engine turned out to be totally nackered. With a list of faults as long as your arm. It was past it.
So some sort of engine replacement was on the cards for a while.
When I visited rogue a few weeks ago I took some photos for you all.
The old engine out and in the floor and the new beast all fitted and almost ready to run.
Time frame wise we are heading for a completion time for just after Easter. So hopefully I will be able to have her ready for the summer.
13  Extreme Kits / Extreme Murcie / Re: Murcie replica engine cover on: January 13, 2019, 08:00:48 PM
Sorry long gone 3 years ago.

14  Extreme Kits / Extreme Murcie / Re: Cerberus here we go. on: December 06, 2018, 05:13:49 PM
Time for a update.
Today was a eventful day for me and the lambo.
She’s finally gone off to Rogue motorsport to have her Lotus 3.5 V6 transplant. (Toyota 2GRFE)
As before I used the same car transport company to take it from my house in Maidenhead to Rogues.
This car transport company is used to dealing with supercars everyday so mine is treated in the same way.
As the weather is just rubbish at the moment the company cover the car over so it gets there just as clean as when it left.
The lambos partly stripped with the engine cover, bat wings, rear cover and rear grills making life easier for rogues to get access.
So she’s finally there so Rogue can get cracking with the surgery.
They have already been busy assembling my engine. Apparently it’s come all the way from America.   Cool
We all love some American muscle.  Shocked
So I won’t see the lambo now till March.
I’m not to bothered about not having it till then as it’s winter and would be locked away till April anyways.
Last photo is one engine they have completed so mine will be similar.  Shocked
I’ve asked Rogue to send me photos of her progress so I will update here as I get the info.
15  Extreme Kits / Extreme Murcie / Re: Cerberus here we go. on: November 22, 2018, 05:37:28 PM
You guys need to go back to page 32 and scroll down.
I up rated the brakes March last year to Lamborghini spec.
It’s got 6 pot front and 4 pot rear calipers with monster sized discs.
They were supplied by Hi Spec motorsport and cost nearly 4K.
Fake brakes are just so crap. My baby’s got the real deal.
I’m glad I did because it’s ready for some proper power.

Rogue estimate that it’s going to take around 8 weeks to complete the conversion.
It’s the best time to do it as the car would just be locked away in storage until the spring.
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