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16  Extreme Kits / Extreme Murcie / Re: Cerberus here we go. on: August 25, 2018, 11:20:27 PM
Now that I have taken delivery of my Fiero Factory MR2 355 I’m putting my lambo aside for a couple of weeks while I clean and service the Ferrari.
I plan to use the Ferrari as my daily driver.
Whilst both were on the driveway I had to take a couple of photos of me babies.
Looks great having 2 supercars together. My neighbors think im a complete nutter LOL.
17  Extreme Kits / Extreme 355 / Re: MR2 Ferrari 355 kitcar number 2 here we go on: August 25, 2018, 11:11:37 PM
I have now taken delivery of my Fiero Factory MR2 355 kit car and it’s time to start working on her to bring her up to my standard.
The cars in a good clean condition but it’s no where near up to my standard of cleanliness so I have decided to start with the interior.
To get a cars interior completely clean you really need to gut the interior completely and wash each part separately.
During this procss it will give me the opportunity to change a few bits that I don’t like with the interior in its current state.
It only takes a afternoon to totally strip the interior ready for washing.
The next day I wash every part. Everything from the carpets, headlining, seats, right down to the air vents in the dash.
I will now leave everything to dry over the bank holiday.
Next week I will start putting it all back again all nice and clean so more then.
18  Extreme Kits / Extreme 355 / MR2 Ferrari 355 kitcar number 2 here we go on: August 15, 2018, 08:20:15 PM
Well I’m now in the process of buying my second mr2 based kit car.
The deposit has now been paid.
My Extreme MR2 murcielago is pretty much finished  and is being enjoyed regularly by myself as you have all read in my cerberus thread.
For my second MR2 kitcar I’m buying a Ferrari 355 Kitted MR2 Turbo.
According to You guys she’s a Fiero Factory kit originally designed to fit a Pontiac Fiero but was converted to fit our beloved MR2’s.
As it’s a J reg I guess she’s a rev 2 but can you confirm this.
It’s in lovely condition. I gave it a full once over today and even jacked the car up to lie underneath to make sure there’s no horror stories.
She’s got a nice clean MOT and drives lovely.
She’s a good one and I’m looking to making my mark on her to bring her up to 100%.
Would you like me to post my restoration progress here or shall I bugger off as she’s not a extreme 355?
19  Extreme Kits / Extreme ChitChat / Here’s a odd looking one on: August 14, 2018, 10:51:18 PM
Found this Murcie on eBay.
Looks abit odd. Definitely not a extreme. Probably some sort of American concoction.
That’s got as much chance getting through a Iva as me having sex with Meghan Markle. LOL
I did have a chuckle when the advert mentions “not like those under powered MR2 ones”

20  Extreme Kits / Extreme ChitChat / Not sure about this one on: August 13, 2018, 10:53:58 PM
Found this on fleebay. What you reckon? A good or bad replica?
21  Extreme Kits / Extreme 355 / Re: Is this a extreme kit mr2? on: August 12, 2018, 10:08:11 PM
Thanks for this.
Yes I remember the fiero factory.
They made a fantastic F40 and 355 that fitted the Pontiac Fiero.
The downside was the Fiero was a crap donor as they were not available here in the UK so parts were almost non existent.
So a mr2 with a Fiero Factory kit fitted. Is this a good or bad thing?
It’s a nice car and is one of the best F355 mr2’s I’ve seen.
Many thanks
22  Extreme Kits / Extreme Murcie / Re: Cerberus here we go. on: August 11, 2018, 06:50:27 PM
Time for a quick update.
Now that all the extra cooling is fitted all that was left was to wire the fans up.
I’ve decided to control the intercooler and oil cooler fans from a switch on the dash.
It’s better that way so I can have them switched off whilst the cars warming up or just ticking over whilst working on her.
I’ve taken a feed direct from the battery so the fans can run on without the engine running. Just to take some of the heat away when packing the car away.

This week was the Royal County Car Club August evening meeting at the Shire Horse Pub in Littlewick Green, Maidenhead.
I was hoping to see one of you lot there as I posted the meet details in another forum on here.
But hey ho. I guess your all to far away to travel.
Anyway the weather was still good so the turn out was fantastic.
Loads of different cars.
As always cerberus draws a crowd and attracts a lot of attention.

I managed to take the car for a good motorway trip today and the extra cooling is a complete success.
Before sitting at a steady 70 mph the temperature gauge used to sit quite high until I dropped back to to 50.
Now with the extra cooling 70 is perfect. Cruising away in 5th with the temperature bang in the middle.
One thing I do love is when you give her some beans you can really hear the air rushing through the intercooler.
So you know something is going on proper.

I’ve got a few extra mods to fit and a car show on Saturday weather permitting so more then.
23  Extreme Kits / Extreme 355 / Is this a extreme kit mr2? on: August 11, 2018, 06:32:14 PM
Hi guys.
Could one of you tell me if this mr2 Ferrari 355 is a extreme kit?


I went to view this car today as I quite fancy a mr2 Ferrari 355 as my daily driver.
It’s a nice example and one of the better ones I’ve seen.

24  Extreme Kits / Extreme Murcie / Re: Cerberus here we go. on: August 04, 2018, 11:22:43 PM
More photos
25  Extreme Kits / Extreme Murcie / Re: Cerberus here we go. on: August 04, 2018, 11:21:26 PM
More photos
26  Extreme Kits / Extreme Murcie / Re: Cerberus here we go. on: August 04, 2018, 11:20:03 PM
Time for this weeks update.
I have been carrying on with the extra cooling modifications this week.
Now that I have made the intercooler mounting brackets it’s time to finish off the oil cooler bracket.
After giving the oil cooler base mounting a coat of paint I make a top mounting bracket out of aluminium.
I then mount the kenlowe fan on to the oil cooler.
Once everything’s mounted it’s time to get the oil pipes made.
A visit to a hydraulic hose company sorts that out. I opted for industrial hoses with a larger bore so the oil can circulate quicker.
Once fitted I then fit the oil cooler into position.
Perfect fit with the kenlowe fan hidden inside the air vent.
To fit a oil cooler to a mr2 you need a oil take off? The best and easiest method is to use a oil filter sandwich plate. This fits between the oil filter and the engine.
This is a perfect fit as having a racing exhaust manifold moves the exhaust out of the way and leaves enough room for the hydraulic pipes.
Now for the dipstick. With the oil cooler sandwich plate fitted there’s now no where to fit the dipstick.
As it simply swivels around when unbolted I make alittle bracket to hold the dipstick in its new location.
Everything fits perfectly. A oil cooler this big should provide plenty of cooling.
My next job is to fit the intercooler fans. I have fitted 2 kenlowe fans to push the air through the intercoooler.
Once fitted I then mount the intercooler into the car.
I made a small heat sheld out of some aluminium angle to help keep the exhaust heat away from the fans.
My next task is to plumb it all up. I’ve used 2.5” tubing on the inlet and 3” tubing on the outlet to the engine.
Takes a little time to get all the bends and angles cut correctly.
As the power is going to be increased the mr2 Turbo suffers from oil blow back. This is when oil comes out of the oil breather and back into the turbo inlet. To stop this you require a oil catcher bottle.
So I fitted a nice large aluminium one.
With all this extra plumbing and chrome the engine bay is now full and looks fantastic.
There’s a lot of pipes in there now.
Looks like a work of art.
To finish all this off I need to fit the wiring so I can control the fans from inside the car.
I’m also fitting a turbo boost switch so when pressed it bleeds off the actuator making the turbo work harder giving more boost and then more power.
So more next week.

27  Extreme Kits / Extreme ChitChat / August car show. Bring yours on: August 01, 2018, 09:03:31 PM
As I’m a member of the Royal County Car Club we are having a meeting next Wednesday evening 8th August 2018 at the Shire Horse Pub. Maidenhead. SL63QA.
We start to arrive around 7.30 pm.
Cerberus will be there amongst lots of other cars.
If your kit car is up for it bring it along. We would love to see you there.
28  Extreme Kits / Extreme ChitChat / Re: Agreed Value Problem on: July 29, 2018, 02:43:53 PM
I must admit this is the biggest problem with all kitcars, classics and alike. .
I’ve spent around £50k on cerberus including the purchase price but there is no way I will ever get that back.
The ebay auctions give a good indication of what she’s worth. The best I got was £28k which is no where near what I’ve spent.
Insurance payouts are going to be worse. Anything not to pay out. There bad enough with everyday cars not let alone classics and kit cars.
But this is something we are just going to have to swallow because that’s never going to change. 
29  Extreme Kits / Extreme ChitChat / Building something different on: July 29, 2018, 10:56:53 AM
Whilst carrying out a few modifications to cerberus I am still scoping my next big project.
What can I build next.
At the moment I quite fancy building a film car. Something famous from the movies.
So I’m looking into building my very own batmobile.
There’s quite a few different types ranging from the 1960s thing to the tumbler.
My favourite has to be the batmobile used in the bat man returns film with Michael Keaton in 1989.
This is one seriously long beast and will require a big donor car.
The first problem is finding a suitable donor car which has a long enough wheel base.
The batmobile would look crap if the wheel base is to short.
Looking around for what I could use for a donor there’s one that look suitable.
It’s a Japanese imported car called a Mitsuoka Le-Seyde.
The wheelbase on this thing is massive and would suit the batmobile body perfectly.
Does anybody here know of a easier donor with a massive wheelbase.
It must be a complete registered car and the chassis must not be chopped or altered so that the batmobile won’t need a sva test which is impassable.
Just a body kit like a dna Ferrari.
30  Extreme Kits / Extreme Murcie / Re: Cerberus here we go. on: July 28, 2018, 10:42:12 PM
More photos
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