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Read May 06, 2015, 10:51:42 PM #0

Cerberus here we go.

Well today has probably been one of the best days of my life.
Today I collected my Cerberus. Yes I've done it. I've finally brought her.
I had to do a lot of homework on the car before I purchased it and nearly pulled out twice due to lack of knowledge.
My fault on that.  
Firstly I thought the car was a ringer but how wrong I was. There's a fake Lamborghini plate in the engine bay which I thought was the chassis number. It's not but it's one from a real Lambo.
I finally found the real chassis number hidden right back under the windscreen on the scuttle panel and it matches the V5. Thankyou to the persons who told me where to find it.
The engine number is also correct but it's a real pain to see it.
At the moment it's registered as a Orange MR2.  But I will one day register it correctly once the work is all done.
There's quite a few bugs that require attention but will get sorted during its rebuild. Things like: passenger window not working. Engine cover release cable snapped. Small things but lots of them.
I do love the interior. It's had a lot of money spent on it to get it upholstered to such a high standard. But it does need a good clean.
I haven't done a lot of miles in it yet but boy it's fast. No way is it a standard MR2. And that noise. Dam it's loud when I give it some welly.
There's no silencers on it. It goes straight from the turbo to the twin exit pipes.  Shocked
It's not a v12 but sounds more like a modified skyline or supra.
If you redline it standing still it pops and bangs throwing flames out the back.  Shocked
As you work your way up through the grave box she whistles chuffs and hisses at you like a angry dog
I never thought such a small engine can give so much power and noise.
I wonder what engine mods it has had. What would you need do to a MR2 Turbo to make it so extreme?
I have driven a standard MR2 turbo but Cerberus is something else. It would eat a standard one for breakfast lunch and dinner. LOL
It will bite you if you push it. I gave her a blast in 2nd gear and the rear end started to snake on a wet road  Grin.
Must have some serious torque to spin those road roller tires.
My only way to describe driving her is like walking a pit bull terrier. Looks friendly,cute band beautiful but it's got lot of bite and anger LOL.
so in between the rain showers today I managed to take some photos of her for you chaps.
I can't wait to get started on the rebuild.
I've blanked out the number plate as its a private plate that the seller wants to keep.
I'm going to put a private plate on it. With a few numbers on it and it will end with BYE  Shocked something like 666BYE.
perfect for such a vehicle as its a Cerberus hell hound.
I love the way when you flick a switch the huge rear air vents come up and flick another switch and the little rear spoiler right at the back pops up.
It's got a flashy stereo unit fitted but I haven't even switched it on yet. The exhaust sounds are music enough.
The imitation break discs front and back are massive and made from steel. They look the part and you can't tell if there real or not.
I love the rear tires. There as wide as a garden roller. I could use it to roll a few cricket pitches. LOL
I don't think there's anything I don't like about the car yet.  
« Last Edit: May 07, 2015, 12:09:00 AM by APDevelopments »

* image.jpg (75.87 KB, 700x525 - viewed 7568 times.)

* image.jpg (72.65 KB, 700x525 - viewed 7496 times.)

* image.jpg (79.08 KB, 700x525 - viewed 7578 times.)

* image.jpg (75.06 KB, 700x525 - viewed 7507 times.)

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* image.jpg (55.26 KB, 621x455 - viewed 7532 times.)
Read May 06, 2015, 11:08:02 PM #1

Re: Cerberus here we go.

Here's the interior. It's had a lot of work done inside. The dash is covered in suede leather with orange stitching.  The seats are in matching leather with the large centre arm rest. The headlining is suede leather as well. The seat belts are in the correct places. I guess the inside is quite old now so it needs a good clean.
The clocks are in orange with Lamborghini written on them. It's got a polished chrome gear knob and gate.
The steering wheel is a quick release Sparco wheel which is a great immobiliser. It's not going far without a steering wheel.

I'm going to bed now to have sweat dreams about it.

I will post my progress on this thread once I'm started. With loads of piccies.
« Last Edit: May 06, 2015, 11:54:09 PM by APDevelopments »

* image.jpg (54.82 KB, 700x525 - viewed 7490 times.)

* image.jpg (56.14 KB, 700x525 - viewed 7495 times.)

* image.jpg (64.12 KB, 700x525 - viewed 7530 times.)

* image.jpg (62.7 KB, 700x525 - viewed 7481 times.)
Read May 07, 2015, 07:23:30 AM #2

Re: Cerberus here we go.

Looking good AP,
Thanks for the photos, all the lines look great on it, all the gaps look right, so it is probably just the interior to tidy up.
Do you plan to change anything out on it?
Looks like a good example of a Lamborghini kit car.

Alex360  Smiley
Read May 07, 2015, 08:23:38 AM #3

Re: Cerberus here we go.

Well done mate ,to be honest I thought you were just a dreamer  like so many after seeing your posts on the DNA site then on extreme,  but you proved me and others wrong ,enjoy your new toy she looks fab ,hope to see you and your new pride and joy at one of the shows ,jd.
Read May 07, 2015, 08:24:42 AM #4

Re: Cerberus here we go.

Glad everything has worked out for you.
If she was mine I would be smiling like a Cheshire Cat  Grin
She looks a beaut

P.S Love the colour  Tongue
Read May 07, 2015, 09:26:45 AM #5

Re: Cerberus here we go.

Thankyou for your comments.
I must admit it was a difficult decision deciding between a DNA 5CUDO and this one. I picked this beast mostly because I myself feel that this MR2 has the edge on the cougar. It's a lot more powerful and it makes a hell of a lot more noise.
The selling factor for me was during my first test drive. We drove down the long Heathrow tunnel. Windows down and the owner told me to floor it.  The next few seconds was the deciding factor.
The way it pulled as the turbo spooled up and the noise it made me shout out
((((WOW I've got to get myself one of these)))) it was so loud other drivers were winding windows down to hear the beast roar.
I was so gob smacked that drive still makes me smile everytime I think about it now. I knew this car was the one.
But now I still can't beleave that I own it. It still hasn't sunk in yet. I own a Lamborghini Murcielago. My second faveroute car of all time. Ok I know it's a replica but to me it's my Lambo.
So on the way home driving back from London where did I go? Heathrow tunnel. To do it again LOL. It was the second time I drove her and it still blew me away.  Shocked

My plans for her are quite simple. I plan to keep the interior as it is because the quality of the workmanship is very nice. It just needs a good clean.
There's various bits and bobs that need repairing on the bodywork. A couple of small cracks. Stone chips marks etc. looks like a friend from chips away will be a regular visitor as I work around the car.  
The engine needs a good service. I'm defiantly going to get the cam belt changed etc etc.
Most of my attention will be on the electrics. It needs attention on the electrical system. I'm going to give it a partial rewire. A walk in the park for me as I'm a electrical engineer by trade.
I hope the weather will by dry this weekend as I'm eager to get cracking on her. Along with a trip to Halfords in it. Via the high street. LOL.
« Last Edit: May 07, 2015, 04:38:30 PM by APDevelopments »
Read May 07, 2015, 08:10:15 PM #6

Re: Cerberus here we go.

Well done - looks awesome.

That 3SGTE engine is a favourite on the South African drag strips, you can inexpensively get it to 400Hp
Read May 07, 2015, 11:28:33 PM #7

Re: Cerberus here we go.

Congratulations Bro. Enjoy your new treasure
Read May 08, 2015, 07:42:15 PM #8

Mirrors removal.

The mirrors are bonded to the doors on Cerberus does anybody know how to remove them?
They don't even fold in as there all in one. But they are electric adjusting.
I need to take them off to fit Cerberus in my single garage. It's going be tight with half an inch each side to spare.
Cerberus has a very fat arse  Shocked LOL
Read May 08, 2015, 09:46:21 PM #9

Re: Cerberus here we go.

Enjoy buddy Wink

Have fun ...
Read May 08, 2015, 10:41:00 PM #10

Re: Cerberus here we go.

Very nice fella. Glad you got all the numbers sorted.  I'm guessing but the mirrors are either bonded directly on to the doors or have nuts on the inside like I've done mine.  I'm assuming your based down south getting it from Heathrow.

Very interested in your mods.. I'm mapping my bat wings and spoiler to the speedo pulse signal so they will activate on there own. Doing this via an arduino, happy to share details if you want.

Will be watching and keep the photos coming.

Read May 10, 2015, 09:36:00 AM #11

Re: Cerberus here we go.

I need advice please as I have had alittle troubles with Cerberus.
This afternoon I decided to take Cerberus out for a nice Saturday afternoon drive.
The sun was out so some poseing was required. I drove through Windsor, Maidenhead, cookham, Bourne end, Marlow and to finish off Henley. A nice big 40 mile round trip.
The car performed totally faultless.
On the way home I decided to join the M4 for a quick get home.
As I was coming down the slip road I decided to drop down a gear and floored it.
I took the revs right up to the red line.
Suddenly there was a real loud pop and I lost power.
The car was still driving smoothly but it was like my turbo had fallen off.
It now drives like a gutless 2 litre without the turbo. The engine sounds sweet. It's still very smooth. No smoke. And it starts and ticks over as normal. But there's no boost. None what so ever. No hissing nothing. It's like the turbo isn't there.
I have removed the inter cooler pipes to check for a burst pipe. There all ok.
I've checked the inter cooler itself for a leak. That's fine as well.
Checked the actuator pipes and there ok.
I've felt the turbo intake to make sure the turbo spins freely. It's fine.
Now I'm scratching my head on this one.
Any ideas???

I think it's terminal.
Oil light won't go out this morning.v Cry Cry Cry Cry

Looks live I've blown it up. Oh well
I've been reading about a Woodsport V6 conversion.  
Might get rid of the 2 litre junk. I had a feeling that the turbo would be a pain. I've never like turbos because of this.
Looks like Woodsport are trying a V12. Now that really interests me.   Shocked

Read May 10, 2015, 05:13:30 PM #12

Re: Cerberus here we go.

 Just been reading your post sorry to here about your engine. But what I would think about is you have a finished car unlike me. haven't even cut the mr2 up yet still sorting engine and box out. im using an audi rs6 engine and a 01e gearbox.
when it comes to the bmw V12 this will need the firewall modified. i have worked on the 5.0 m70 and 5.3 M73 these 2 engines look very similar but have quite a few subtle differences. the M70 299 bhp as standard will push out 350+ with parallel designs ECU. as this engine is basically 2 M25 engines put together. I wont go into to much detail as time wont allow.

Audi V10 same again will need firewall mods and you will need the engine loom and ecu to run it. After market stand alone units cant control the high pressure pumps and you need a ICU injector control unit. (Next paragraph will explain)

Audi V8 Now there are quite a few  ill list a few the ABH through to BBK they all utilise low pressure fuel injection. Aftermarket ECUs will work fine.  The 01X box bolts up to these and for the power they run should be fine.  The ABH produced 299 on 98 octane fuel and 260 on 95 when new.  I got a RS4 FSI B7 BNS build code built it up got BMW S65 throttle bodies on it and the only management system company willing to stand behind there product was LIFE racing price 6.5K and i tried as far afield as australia. Now im going to be running a RS6 BCY  im going to be running it on standard turbo`s which are only good for 550BHP but this will be fine. I can always go back up again later if i choose this is where the 01E gearbox comes in. It looks very much like the 01X from the outside. But inside the 01x runs 16mm gearsets and the 01E runs 25mm. So the 01X is fine up to the BBK engine. Like i said im going with the RS6 engine which happens to be different to all other audi V8s.The block is cast by Mahle Powertrain formely Cosworth. It runs a larger torque converter so bellhousing is larger and bolt pattern is differet to other v8s. Im in the process of making the adapter now.
I looked at the V10/V8 conversion thread. In the first picture there`s an engine situated in the engine bay. This to me has just been mocked up for the sake of a photo i dont see any mounts, pumbing, electrics, gear linkage.  The bolt holding the right hand part off the cross member  has a good inch hanging in fresh air.

 Toyota V6  Not had much to do with these but looking at other forums they fit easily and pauls engine mount fits with no welding needed.
Depending on which variant of engines seems to be quite a few. 300 BHP easily achieved and then upwards. supercharged. turbo`d, nitriuos

There are so many more options out there but do you really want to be cutting your car about. Even seen an audi v8 with an F40 GM box fitted transversley in an sw20 in america.
But at the end of the day its your car your decision.  Just pointing out a few things.
« Last Edit: May 10, 2015, 05:15:22 PM by tony.essex »
Read May 10, 2015, 06:59:31 PM #13

Re: Cerberus here we go.

Hi Tony.
Thankyou for your comment.
Yes your right about the modifications.
I defently don't want to touch anything behind the seats to include the firewall.
All the back of the interior is covered in leather and it's got a tiny little window.
It's been really nicely done and would be a shame to change any of it. So I'm leaving well alone.
From what I have read today for others either a rebuilt 2.0 turbo engine or a V6 is the way forward.
The V6 would sound awesome with straight through pipes and with the pipes being so short. It would wake the dead.
But a rebuilt modified turbo engine would also wake the dead.
When I come to the decision either will be a good choice at the end of the day.
What's most important is when people hear you coming the effect must leave the impression that they have just seen and heard a Lambo go past.
I can't let the side down. LOL.

* image.jpg (20.45 KB, 592x238 - viewed 7259 times.)
Read May 10, 2015, 08:01:31 PM #14

Re: Cerberus here we go.

apd is yours a sw20 turbo?if it is sounds like a turbo pipes come adrift.if it is a twin entry turbo theres no need to do engine transplants,i worked on a turbo running 360 bhp.
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