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Read October 31, 2016, 10:03:28 PM #0

Let's talk engines

I would like to discuss Toyota MR2 engines.
As I'm still undecided 100% on what engine to put into Cerberus I would like to look into the options.
Ok so far I have been very tempted with the Woodsport v6 conversion.
It will sound better and will improve the cars reliabilty and performance.
The power output of the Toyota v6 is around 196 Bhp. Which is quite reasonable.
But this is where it all stops. 196 bhp and that's it.
I have chatted to various performance tuning specialists about what can be done to the 2 litre turbo.
As it turns out the mr2 engine can actually give out more power than the real v12 murcielago.
With some serious engine mods the mr2 turbo can give out a incredible 800bhp.
Like this one on eBay


If I wanted Cerberus would be as powerful as a real murcie.
But there are several questions in regards to how good the extreme chassis modifications are to cope with this kind of power.
The first thing is that I would need some proper split rim rear wheels and get rid of the large wheel spacers.
The tremendous torque would twist off the wheel spaces and the rear wheels fall off.
The brakes would need upgrading to stop the thing.
Because of the amount of chassis modification that have been done has the chassis been weakened?
With this kind of power Cerberus could simply rip itself apart due to the extreme forces caused by such a powerful engine setup.

When you go over 500bhp these are things are to be considered.
It's possible that Cerberus could achieve 0-60mph in 3 to 4 seconds and top out at 200mph.
With a antilag system fitted or electronic rev limiter she will spit fire like a demon.
Holy fkn shit  Shocked Shocked Shocked Shocked
What's your thoughts?

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Read October 31, 2016, 10:27:23 PM #1

Re: Let's talk engines

I'm going to run mine for a good few months, maybe look at adding a boost valve to increase it to 13 or 14psi. I've already upgraded the fuel pump... However I don't think I will be upgraded to a V6 as I don't think it brings any benefits other than exhaust sound. You can get around 300bhp from the MR2 with not many mods and this might even get you sub 5 seconds 0-60..  Do you really need faster?  The V6 does sound nice but it's not a V12. 

This is just me.. plus I couldn't afford I'm guessing about 3k for the conversion.

Have you contacted any exhaust people?  I think that's my first port of call, bluefin are near me so when mines finally on the road im going to take a trip over to see if they can help it sound less tractorish'. Lol
Read November 01, 2016, 08:40:10 AM #2

Re: Let's talk engines

According to what I have learned over the years the main reason why the mr2 sounds shite with a straight pipe is because it so short.
During the war!! I owned a Ford serria sapphire costowrth.
I had a straight pipe running from the engine and out the back. This pipe is around 4 meters long and it sounded amazing. The mr2 exhaust is only 1 meter long which is why it possibly sounds like a crap vintage tractor.
With it being so short you need some sort of silencer in the line. Only a small one to take away the tractor sound.
My contraption exhaust I made has a silencer in the line. I will finally find out how it sounds on Friday on the rolling road  Cool.
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Read November 01, 2016, 09:19:32 AM #3

Re: Let's talk engines

You will have to keep me informed. I've removed the cat from mine so its straight out apart from the inline baffle.. As you say very loud and I must be losing some back pressure.

Post up your dyno report when you get it, I will be getting mine done but anything around 300 and I would be chuffed to bits.
Read November 01, 2016, 09:44:21 AM #4

Re: Let's talk engines

Hi have you looked at dee-ltd.co.uk they have the 3.4L V6 D2GR-FE which starts at 276bhp going to 450 bhp not sure about bolt pattern but  should be same as meant for lotus elise. Haven't  looked properly so don't know if they are crate engines or re manufactured.  Just a thought.
Read November 02, 2016, 11:21:41 PM #5

Re: Let's talk engines

Look at Geoff page racing if you really wanna go down the high end route , about 12k , then engine management , gearbox , and what have you had done after buying your car as far as checking all welded mods ?.
Read August 07, 2017, 08:30:56 AM #6

Re: Let's talk engines

The 3sgte engine is one of Toyota's best. In my 355 all I did was get a bigger turbo and dump valve and used an aftermarket ECU. The power was very good - never got it rated though, but you could really feel it. What I do remember though was that on spacers the car was very awkward to drive without the mods - but with the extra power it was actually dangerous
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