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Read January 10, 2017, 06:52:10 PM #0

Car repair nightmare. ((((Crying))))

Well this years started of with a bang.
Fortunately nothing to do with Cerberus or my Russian mig.
This time it's the wife's car. I knew it was going to be a pile of shit when we brought it. Embarrassed
We own a 2007 Range Rover sport 3.6 v8tdi. This is the car the wife uses everyday.
Yes it's a very nice car. We brought it last year. This thing cost £70k new but we paid £15 for it with 90k miles on the clock.
As long as she's happy then all is happy in the world of wife's
Until today.
I knew it wouldn't be long until the Range Rover lives up to its name.
It went for its mot today and it failed.  Embarrassed
It failed on  (( rear dynamic hydraulic anti roll bar leaking ))  Lips sealed
So for some reason it has a small hydraulic suspension leak.
if it was any ordinary car you would get it fixed for a few hundred quid and away you go.
But oh no this is a Range Rover.  Embarrassed ((((Huh?))))
To get this fixed it will cost only £1700 quid.
How on this planet can a suspension part cost £1700.   (((((((£1700)))))))
Somehow I've got to bodge fix it to pass the mot and get rid.
I told the wife to buy a Japanese car but oh no she had to have it.
The whole air suspension kit for Cerberus was only £600.
Sorry I'm kinda doing my nut. ((((((£1700 quid))))) grrrrr **************
Has anybody else had the pleasure of owing a shitty Land Rover?

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Read January 10, 2017, 07:25:09 PM #1

Re: Car repair nightmare. ((((Crying))))

Cant you get recon part or used from breakers?

Was it main dealer?
Read January 10, 2017, 09:15:45 PM #2

Re: Car repair nightmare. ((((Crying))))

Funny enough I was carrying out work at a garage today and there was a 11 plate range rover with the shell separated in the air. Mechanic said they are a nightmare to work on, bits are a fortune and often have to be ordered.

Many years ago a car sales guy pointed out to me when I was looking to buy a Toyota Supra was, if the car originally cost £50k then £50k bits fit on to it.

Read January 11, 2017, 07:14:04 AM #3

Re: Car repair nightmare. ((((Crying))))

Get onto Range Rover as I'm aware there was a recall on the suspension and gearbox parts

I Live my life a quater miles at a time.Nothing else matters Not the Morgage not the store not my team and all there bull****.For those ten seconds or less i'm free - Don Fast & Furious
Read January 11, 2017, 07:33:45 PM #4

Re: Car repair nightmare. ((((Crying))))

Unfortunately there is no recall for this fault as it's 10 years old now.
Now that I have managed to sort the fault out it's not as bad as it could be.
Here's nothing worse than picking your car up at 5.30pm with a failed mot certificate.
My local landie specialist have informed me that it will cost £1284 all in as they have access to pattern oem parts rather than genuine Land Rover parts. Even the parts are made at the same factory for some reason they are considerably cheaper.
I would never take it to a main dealer as they are simply on drugs with here prices. They quoted £2500 for this repair.
Our rangie cost £70k when it was new being a specialised one by Stormer so I would never expect to get it fixed for £50.
I didn't pay that by the way when we brought it. Grin we've only had it 1 year.
I spent £1600 on it in the summer when the air suspension compressor failed.  Angry and now this.
Oh well needs must.

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