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Read May 14, 2017, 02:32:30 PM #0

Arse holes and elbows

I can't believe this.
Sorry chaps I had to remove the video clip on my Cerberus post of my murcie accelerating away down a country road.
I received a troll email from some arsehole who has taken offence to it.
Basically the email said I should be banned from driving as it was clearly I was driving recklessly with out any care to other road users.
I might have a Lamborghini but that gives no excuse for my behaviour on uk roads.
It also said I would be reported to the police so the appropriate action can be taken.
Yea right what planet are these twats on.
Firstly it's a old country road down the back of where I live so there's no traffic. Only other neighbors use the road. It's a dead end. Doh!
Secondly I only accelerated hard in 1st gear. I got to about 40mph and that's it.
Ha! It's only a mr2. DOH! Not a Lamborghini. Yea he really knows his cars. Can't tell the difference between a 2 litre Turbo sound and a real v12.
What a load of bull. Still Really pisses me off tho.
I've pulled it now so they can all sod off.
I'm going to find a way of hosting my own videos so you chaps can still enjoy watching the car.
Youtube can go spin on it.
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Read May 14, 2017, 07:16:29 PM #1

Re: Arse holes and elbows

It is all down to jealousy Matey
You have something nice and that person is green with envy
Put it back up and say it is a private road in your grounds haha
Make the p@*ck really jealous
You will always get theae sort of people though. That's life I suppose
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