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Read July 29, 2018, 10:56:53 AM #0

Building something different

Whilst carrying out a few modifications to cerberus I am still scoping my next big project.
What can I build next.
At the moment I quite fancy building a film car. Something famous from the movies.
So I’m looking into building my very own batmobile.
There’s quite a few different types ranging from the 1960s thing to the tumbler.
My favourite has to be the batmobile used in the bat man returns film with Michael Keaton in 1989.
This is one seriously long beast and will require a big donor car.
The first problem is finding a suitable donor car which has a long enough wheel base.
The batmobile would look crap if the wheel base is to short.
Looking around for what I could use for a donor there’s one that look suitable.
It’s a Japanese imported car called a Mitsuoka Le-Seyde.
The wheelbase on this thing is massive and would suit the batmobile body perfectly.
Does anybody here know of a easier donor with a massive wheelbase.
It must be a complete registered car and the chassis must not be chopped or altered so that the batmobile won’t need a sva test which is impassable.
Just a body kit like a dna Ferrari.

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