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Lamborghini parts
« on: July 02, 2017, 08:55:54 AM »
I now can produce all upgraded parts for your Murci to sv spec and standard parts

I have following

Sv front bumper £650
Sv drivers wing £350
Sv passenger wing £350
Sv drivers side skirt scoop ££300
Sv passenger side scoop £500
Sv rear engine lid £650
Sv rear bumper £800
Sv rear boot £400
Sv rear wing £400
Sv rear wing brackets £250
Sv seats £600
Sv front bumper grills £500
Sv rear bumper grills £650

Murci dash £500
Murci centre console £250
Murci arm rest and centre tunnel £700
Murci dash pod and external part £350
Murci driver door card and passenger door card £800

Murci bumper £400 have used one £300
Murci bonnet £300
Murci drivers wing £300
Murci passenger wing £300
Murci drivers side skirt £350
Murci passenger skirt £350
Murci drivers inner door and outer skin £600
Murci passenger inner door and out door skin £600
Murci roof skin £450
Murci drivers rear quarter panel £600
Murci passenger read quarter panel £600
Murci bat wings £300 each
Murci rear boot £300
Murci rear bumper £650
Murci engine lid £500
Murci front bumper grills (genuine used part) £150
Murci rear bumper grills (genuine used part) £200

If your buying a few parts I can do a deal

Payment : PayPal

Prices quoted excludes shipping I can get price for shipping as I do ship worldwide with a few companies so I get a discount

Email me on :

Phone is : 00353877942204
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